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Assalamu Alaikum. As my username suggests, I am not a very orthodox believer. I believe that there is Allah and Islam is the most justified and unique code of life. But some things in the code does not find its way through today's world. I do not think it is necessary to follow all rules of the code if it does not find its way through the world we live in. Is my thought justified? Am I entitled to punishment?

No. Your thoughts are not justified. Because you are saying some parts of Islam do not apply today when the reality is that Islam is for all times. So you are totally WRONG and you should repent. As the other user quoted - if you want to be successful, then you always adhere to the two things which the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم left behind - (1) Qur'an and (2) Sunnah.

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In the name of God. When Allah Islam was the last religion. The following rules shall remain in effect until the last day of the world. Could be the answer to all human problems., Now how can we resolve this problem. Prophet has solved this problem for us.Prophet Muhammad said:(Hadith al-Thaqalayn)"I leave among you two precious and exquisite borrow bits from the Qur'an and other Trt myself. So when you see these two. You do not ever confuse the two I remember are never separated....Resources: "Shyhtrmzy, vol 5, pp. 663-662, 328, quoting from more than 30 companions Mstdrkhakm season scholarship "companions", vol 3, p 109, 110, 148, 533, is governed by this Hdysshyh according Shykhyn (Bukhari and Muslim) Sunan Ibn Majh, vol 2, p 432 Musnad Ahmad ibn Hanbal, vol 3, p 14, 17, 26, 59, vol 4, p 366, 372-370.Gynecology unit features, pp. 21, 30 Svaq Almhrqh, Haitham Ibn Hijr, chapter 11, section 1, page 230 Kabir al-Tabarani, Volume 3, pp. 63-62, 137 Knzalmal, virtuous, Hindi, Etesami to Hablol season of ... of volume 1, page 44 Tafsir Ibn Kathir, vol 4, p 113, under commentary of verse 42:23 Alkbry classes, Ibn Sa'd, vol 2, p 194, published in Lebanon Aljmy Alsghyr, Suyuti, vol 1, p 353 and in Volume 2 Alzvayd Assembly, Haitham, vol 9, p 163 Fateh al-Kabeer, Bnhany, vol 1, p 451. Comprehensive principle, Ibn al-Athir, vol 1, p 187 On Ibn Sakr, vol 5, p 436 Dralmnsvr, Hafiz Suyuti, vol 2, p 60 Ynaby Almvdh, Kunduz Hanafi, pp. 38, 183

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