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im 24, im a good university student rather a popular one. however im ashamed to be losing value in my religion and its obligations. i started to read Yaoi manga's and got addicted to them. over time i refrained less and turned to more adult yaoi manga. no matter how much i think that its wrong or i wont read it next time, im going back to reading them. i want to stop now. i believe i could only control my nuffs if i know what Islam says on this matter.

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Homosexuality is forbidden in Islam. It is a big sin - one that is punishable under Shari'a. And take the example of the people of Lut عليه السلام‎. Nations were punished over this sin by Allah سبحانه و تعالى. That shows how abhorrent it is. It is a trick of Shaitan to get you 'hooked' onto evil and then slowly "lose value" in your religion. My dear sister, put a stop to it immediately, repent and do good. Be more involved with your religion. It is great that you want to change. That is the first step. Now continue to follow through and strive.

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Well you are who you are, if you feel it is wrong then don´t do it. But if you feel this is right then you could think about it. In Islam it is forbidden to have male intercourse, so I would recommend that you think about it because this is on a Islamic site. So your asking a question that you know you will get its forbidden to have any male felloship other than being a good friend or Muslim.. Do you know who is the only one to worship and believe in? It will surprise you I think...

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This answer is misleading and it must be rejected. For Allah says,"IT IS NOT FITTING FOR A BELIEVER MAN OR WOMAN THAT WHEN ALLAH AND HIS RASUL HAS DECREED A MATTER THAT THEY SHOULD HAVE ANY OPTION IN THEIR DECESION.AND ANY WHO DISOBEY ALLAH AND HIS RASUL HAS STRAYED IN A PLAIN ERROR." (33:36). So brother reguardless of what kteersorta is suggesting Allah and His Rasul has deemed this act haram, and never can it be of any good under any circumstances. Beware of the whispers of the evil shaytan who whispers into the hearts man from amongst the jin and men. Salaam

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