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i want to do hajjab and wear abaya. sadly my surrounding are full of people who do not appreciate it. my family does not follow this tradition. i talked to my mother and she said that i should wear it after marriage! she says that i wont find right husband so. my mom says people doesn't appreciate it and think wrong, let me fulfill my duty,let me wed you off then do what you wish. im already such a sinner, i want to wear abaya and start with a step at a time. i know my excuse is lame but i really hate eyes of strangers. sometimes i wish i could go invisible. everyday at university i struggle and lose more of my very envious of girls who do hijab and wear abaya. my mother is very nice, she is very Naik . she is a widow. i dont want to break her heart or make her guilty. i already hurt her alot due to my lack of interest in house chores and being less worried about self grooming. please advise me so i could wear abaya and so keep my mom happy

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Yes. In this case, it is okay to go against your mother. Because if our parents (or husbands or rulers) ask us to go against Islam, then we should not listen to them. There is no obedience to those who command disobedience to Allah سبحانه و تعالى. Covering up properly (hijab, abaya) is a requirement in Islam. So you should definitely start wearing it. And explain the importance of it to her too.. give dawah, graciously. And do not worry about not 'finding a husband.' Actually, with wearing that - you will attract the right kind of husband.. who is good himself and wants a righteous wife. And Allah سبحانه و تعالى is with those who are patient.

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