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There are website which Claim that coca cola contains 0.001% of alcohol so is it haram or not?

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Salaam Bismillah AlRahman AlRaheem Khamri, intoxicants are forbidden. To put alcohol on ones skin or ones food or to even rinse your mouth with it for asepsis purposes is never haram. Alcohol as a chemical substance was always used for sore throats, cuts, a numbing agent during surgeries and the like, and even swallowed to get rid of bacteria in the stomach. Until human kind began to use it as an intoxicant. This by no means permits drinking it, but if we use it for the asepsis benefits, as there is no need to use it as a numbing agent in todays world of anesthetics, then there is no harm.

Lets not make Allah seem so strict and cruel, we are followers of RasoolAllah and the Glorious Qur'an, we are the middle way. As for coca cola, does it make you intoxicated? If so then do not drink it, if not then consider it just a beverage. Allah knows best and all answers are in Allahs words the glorious Qur'an it is complete.

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In the name of God! Hi, my brother. Islam has forbidden wine. If you're not sure that's something to be said for alcohol or not there is a constructive trust. Coca-Cola announced that they Carbonated beverage alcohol does not have any percentage of .000. Then eating is halal. But if it is determined the percentage of alcohol is prohibited. You better visit this site: hadith:Imam Ali (AS) said: If you spill a drop of wine in the river, then the river is dry and the grass will not go into it for grazing livestock. Saad Saud Page 128

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