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Can a person have belief and hypocrisy in his heart at the sametime?

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@persiangulf1666, salaam beloved, al hamdulilah for quranic ayats that you presented and may Allah azza wal jall bless you, ma'shallah. Allow me to build on the sound foundation you have laid to my question, inshallah. It is reported by Sa'id al Khudri that the Rasul swas said, " THERE ARE FOUR KINDS OF HEARTS: A HEART WHICH IS PURE WITH A BRIGHT LIGHT: A HEART WHICH IS WRAPPED AROUND ITS COVER: A HEART WHICH IS REVERSED, AND A HEART WHICH IS FLATTENED. THE PURE HEART IS THE BELIEVERS HEART WHICH SHINES WITH THE LIGHT OF IMAN. THE WRAPPED HEART IS THAT OF A KAFFIR. THE REVERSED HEART IS THAT OF THE HYPOCRITE WHO KNOWS THE TRUTH BUT DENIES IT: AS FOR THE FLATTENED HEART, IT COMPRISES BOTH FAITH AND HYPOCRISY: THE EXAMPLE OF IMAN IN IT IS LIKE THAT OF A VEGETABLE WHICH GROWS IN PURE WATER, AND THE EXAMPLE OF HYPOCRISY IN IT IS LIKE THAT OF A WOUND WHICH IS STRECTCHED BY PUS AND BLOOD, WHICHEVER SUBSTANCE ( PURE WATER OR PUS AND BLOOD) OVERWHELMS THE OTHER, IT OVERWHELMS THE HEART." (SAHIH MUSLIM) This haqq we as muslims must be made aware of and once we are we need to be reminded for reminding profits the beilevers. May Allah azz wal jall protect us. Sslaam

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Reminding profits the believers. Salaam

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