Assalaamualaykum, If one is diagnosed with a terminal illness and is going through severe pain, is it allowed for that person to do medically assisted suicide? I know outright suicide is haram, but this case is debated also in hospitals and politics. Please back up with hadith/sunnah or Quranic ayats

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Your question is a very very serious one. please send your question to Sheikh Assim Al Hakeem by filling in the form and inshaAllah he will respond to you in a few days.

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@ZMSIDD, Salaam beloved, your question is serious and simply explained in the Qur'an and authenticated Sunnah, with that said lets proceed. First and foremost we must understand that whenever we see in the quran the words, " O you who believe," what follows is a commandment to do something or abstain from something. In Sura 4:29 it states in part, " DO NOT KILL YOURSELVES," this is the command of Allah azza wal jall that we must adhere to. In the sunnah of our blessed Rasul saws it states, reported by Abu Huriah the Rasul said, " NONE AMONGST YOU SHOULD MAKE A REQUEST FOR DEATH, AND DO NOT CALL FOR IT BEFORE IT COMES. FOR WHEN ANY OF YOU DIES, HE CEASES TO DO GOOD DEEDS AND THE LIFE OF THE BELIEVER IS NOT PROLONGED BUT FOR GOODNESS." (Sahih muslim#6485) Now you asked if this can be done because of severe pain do to terminal illness and the answer to this is infactically NO, please allow me to present more proof to back up my statement inshallah. Reported by Junub the Rasul swas said, " A MAN WAS INFLICTED WITH DEADLY WOUNDS AND HE COMITTED SUICIDE, AND SO ALLAH SAID: MY SLAVE HAS CAUSED DEATH ON HIMSELF HURRIEDLY, SO I FORBID PARADISE FOR HIM." (Bukhari vol 2, # 445) Also, in a hadith Qudsi the Rasul swas said that Allah azza wal jall said, " THERE WAS AMONGST THOSE BEFORE YOU A MAN WHO HAD A WOUND HE WAS IN SUCH ANGUISH THAT HE TOOK A KNIFE AND MADE WITH A CUT ON HIS HAND, AND THE BLOOD DID NOT CEASE UNTIL HE DIED. ALLAH SAID: MY SERVANT HAS HIMSELF FORESTALLED ME, I HAVE FORBIDDEN HIM PARADISE." (Hadith Qudsi#28) Beloved, we can never make intentions to kill ouselves and it think it is halal. In a case as you have presented the believer should ask Allah azza wal jall to prolong his life as long as it benefitted him and to take it when it benefitted him. When the Rasul saws became ill it is reported that he he was in severe pain and in the throbs of death and he is US WATUM HASANAH the best example to follow, so I ask you what did he do for your answer is in that answer to my question. I pray this answers your question and if it doesn't inshallah I can go deeper. I humbly await your reply.... Salaam

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