from these links i have learnt that it is very easy to fall into kufr. And I am so scared that I don't have certainity in my iman. Without certainity iman is flawed and doubtful, and someone with flawed and doubtful iman is a kafir. I think I never really accepted Islam truely. All these years that I spent in praying, fasting is meaningless if I never had iman. I try so hard but I don't think I have met the conditions of becoming a muslim. I am fearing that I might never be able to meet these conditions, merely saying 'LA ILAHA ILLALLAH MUHMMADUR RASOOLULLAH(peace be upon him)' , praying 5 salats, fasting, giving charity, doing hazz isn't guarantee that you are a muslim. I need to have certainity(yaqin), which i don't think i have, and i am afraid i might never attain certainity. I am afraid all of my striving these years in praying and fasting has been in vain, because i am afraid i was never a muslim who met the requirements of becoming a muslim. I am at a loss. How to attain certainity? Should i still pray 5 times a day?

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