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I am 17 and i don't earn. My father used to deposit his income in banks. The riba he got through this is a large part of the money our family has to spend to live. That way i might have consumed a lot of riba. Is it haram for me to live with my family because my father makes me consume riba?

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Riba is forbidden in Islamic economic jurisprudence (fiqh) and considered as a major sin. But when you say that your father makes alot of money it seems, and you take advantage of that. Then you should ask your father if he feels your money use is over the top. For inreality it is he that makes the money, then you shall ask him because of your money use. For he is your father, and he will see you as true to come and say you dont want to use his money because of guilt.. You are still 17th years old, that says you are still sort of a teenage and not a adult. So that makes it your father´s responsibility to support you financial so you can manage, but parents will always helpe their children no matter what.. If this helps then your welcome..

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Beloved young brother imam Malik has said be very careful who you accept your deen from. This brother is not muslim and he calls to misguidance Allah says in the quran to remind for reminding profits the believers. The Rasul has said that nahseehah giving sound advice is the deen. Go to your Abi and remind him as much as needed. If he continues than it is on him. But don't you fall into sin by severing the ties of the womb for Allah has told us to never do this. Salaam

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