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What role does Muslim interpretation of jihad play in their worldview today?

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the quran always speaks highly of those who fight for islam and muhammad and the quran has promised them great rewards as you have probably heard on the news after terrorist attacks but one thing we must take note of is that muhammad said when preforming jehad you shouldnt harm a women a child cut down a tree or somone who is poor so all the so called jihads in modern world and 9/11 was an incorrect preformance of jihad and instead of reward they recive punishment for not listining to instructions of our lord, many people are incouraged in the middle east to fight for people attacking muslims and islam because of the prophets promise of great reward even their sins are erased the moment blood leaves their body but in todays standerds people who arent trained arent allowed to fight and instead make videos on whats happening during the world as an attempt to spread the word so many of the things that happen and people who volenteer are encouraged and influnced by islam very much

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