I am writing a research paper in English and chose the topic the Life of The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). But now I found out that I have to write a Historical fiction meaning as if I was in that time period. Is this haram to write.

Thank You.

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No just do your paper you... To have a paper about "Prophet Muhammad" should be a blessing, just do your best about him. If you do your best then nobody can say against your effort.. And if you are muslim then you will do a good writing about Prophet Muhammad. So dont worry

(Feb 04 at 21:59) KteerShorta KteerShorta's gravatar image

Kteersorta what are baseing this answer on? We only accept islam with textual where is your proof for your statement? I will wait before I give my answer..

(Feb 05 at 12:13) yaqin ♦ yaqin's gravatar image

Now I am confused. Can I write a paper as if I was in the time of The Prophet...and of course using true information. I would just be a fictional character. I just wasn't sure if such historical fiction is permitted in Islam.


(Feb 05 at 13:21) TruthSeeker TruthSeeker's gravatar image

@Truthseeker my fault this brother is posing as a muslim and giving out advice,brother about your paper. Be very careful in writing it for it is about the Rasul and his companions whom Allah azza wal jall has deemed them to be the best that has ever emerged out of mankind. Also, this era is when Allah completed his favor for mankind . Bear in mind that it is a form of dawah so represent islam in the best light you can and be sure your information is accurate. When your done beloved I would like to read it if at all possible. Let me know if I can. Salaam

(Feb 05 at 14:11) yaqin ♦ yaqin's gravatar image

How may I contact you? Just to know, I am just conducting the research now, so it will be a while till I write the paper. First we have to write a research paper, but then I found out that we will also have to write a historical paper. May Allah help me write a pleasing paper. Glory to Allah for giving us the prophets.

I had to write this question because i know that it is disrespectful to represent the Prophets. I am also a new convert, thus my hesitation. I didn't know if I should change my topic once I found out about the second part. Thank You

(Feb 05 at 17:11) TruthSeeker TruthSeeker's gravatar image

You can private message on the community site. I will be looking foward to read it beloved I will make dua to Allah for you. Salaam

(Feb 05 at 17:52) yaqin ♦ yaqin's gravatar image
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