I know that drawing pictures of any living thing is prohibited.I have heard to tell Dr. Zakir Naik that it is ok to drawing living things for educational purpose but one can not earn through this. He also told that children can play with dolls as ma Ayesha also had dolls. Some scholars say that abstract drawing and cartoon are permitted. Some scholars say that there is no harm to draw living things but these can not be hung on wall. The main reason behind this prohibition was to prevent the Arabs from worshiping of idols.As now Islam is well established and there is no risk that people will again turn to idols, pictures can be drawn but can not be hung. I want to know which one is correct. Dr. Naik permits drawing for educational purpose but prohibiting to earn from this.Will an artist draw pictures for text books without money? Again an artist has to practise drawing throughout the whole year in order to draw properly in time of need. Drawing is now used to catch criminal.In architecture human figure is also drawn beside building.So now it has become a necessity. Will it be ok if someone draws picture but doesn't hang on wall? Please help me with a clear answer with authentic reference to know my limit and to know my liberty.

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In the name of God Hi dear friend. Fatwa of the Supreme Leader Khamenei:Question: 1222: Making dolls and statues and paintings depicting figures and living beings, plants, animals and human beings, what is the ruling? Buying and selling and maintenance and presented at an exhibition, what is the ruling?

Answer: Le creatures and inanimate sculpture and painting and drawing faces no problem. Also keep buying and selling paintings and sculptures are permitted provided they do not exhibit the same problem....http://www.khamenei.ir/

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