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Dear brothers and sister: I know that we're required to help others period, wether it's your siblings parents or just anyone in need. But what if you have a brother married, 3 kids, you build him a house you buy him a car, clothes, jelewelry, and for 15 years you support him and his family because the different jobs he has had through out the 15 years dont pay him quiet enough for his I wouldn't call it luxurious life but he can manage, if he tried a little harder, or got another job. Yet I work 60-70 hours a week, I don't have a house, I rent, I barely make it, supporting him my parents myself wife. I struggle. On occasion he also gambles. Now I'm not asking for your opinion, but what does Islam require me to do? Is it ok if he is set, has awhole lot more than I do, works 40 hours one job, while I do 60-70, gambles sometimes. Yet every time he runs out of money I send it to him? Am I doing the right or wrong thing? By Islam am I required to give him what I don't have?

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dear broda in islam,I'm not saying dat u should stop assisting ur broda bt pls stop giving him fish bt rather teach him how 2 catch fish cus dat will be better 4 d two of u. Islam is a religion of peace nd I don't tink Allah will ask u 2 gv wht u don't hv. Hw can u build a house 4 some1 when u don't even hv 1 so pls get a job 4 ur broda or start up a bussiness 4 him 2 maintain himself nd his family so dat u can do somtine tangible with ur own life bt i will advise u 2 read d quran 4 guidance nd seek help 4rm people dat know more dan u do about islam,quran and hadith.May Allah guide 2 d right part.

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Yes, my brother!

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