i am a sunni muslim boy about 23 year old i wishing to marry a siya (muslim) girl i like her too much but i havt talk not having any type of relationship i just want to know that marry with siya is legal or not i ask to some if my frd but they said it is inlegal un lawful in islam and also want to know is praying to marrige with other girls is legal in islam and what says islam if people want to marriege with non muslim men/woman like hindu etc...

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In the name of Allah hi dear brother. Muslims are all Islamic groups. Therefore it is lawful marriage.

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Depends on her beliefs, there are different types. Some Shia believe in communicating and requesting from the Mahdi. Shirk and insulting the Prophets (S) companions is a serious issue. Perhaps speak to her and see what type of person she is.. if she is like this, I would advise you to stay away.

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