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I am a 15 years old girl from a country in Europe. I pray regularly, fast and in short I'm a really clean and good girl. But I don't wear hijab. I stopped wearing hijab and there was no one to stop me. AND NOW I REALLY REGRET IT. But it feels impossible for me to start wearing it again because all my classmates are non Muslims and they have seen me without hijab till now. Will all my prayers be rejected because I don't wear hijab? Please help me! What should I do!?

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Hi dear sis, i have the same problem as you have and i also feel bad about this but i still pray and make dua and inshallah almighty allah will accept my prayers as he can see everything and he knows that its impossible for me. I just tawakal on Allah so i hope our prayers will be accepted...

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Thanks and I hope so too :)..

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Asalaamu 3Alaykum Beloved Sister. Allah Azza wa jal has commanded us to cover our hair and bodies. Save what is apparent thereof . Meaning the face and the hands. I m not saying this because I think you don't know ,I am saying this because Reminding profits the believers. There is a couple things wrong with your statements regarding your situation. First Id like to ask you a question Do you wear Hijab while your in Salah ? If no Then yes I can say your salah may not be accepted Allahu 3Alim . Say You do cover you hair then I would say the chances of your salah being accepted are better though I don't know Allah does. What I do know is you not wearing the covering is a sin . Because you are not obeying Allah azza wa jal. Now The second thing I see is your afraid of your classmates and what they will think do or maybe even say. Have you ever thought to trust:) In allah azza wa jal ? That he may protect you ? After all he is the best protector:) . Sister also think of what you will be showing the people around you and how your impact represents Islam. That is a very important blessing! You Must do the right thing Insha Allah and trust In Allah! I will be making Du3aa for you beloved. Salaam Sisters

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I do wear hijab while salah. thanks alot for ur answer it helps alot

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