As salam alaikum i have been married 26 years 2nd husband first was bisexual and called himself Christian hated Muslims led English life was abusive i left.This marriage i have 4 kids tried so hard to make work me and my 4 kids are not loved or accepted we are practicing they are not very cultural very cruel.My question is the past 26 years my husbands brother got kicked out nearly every few weeks by his his chosen modern wife 4 kids he does not work he comes to live with us so often once nearly a year.He just takes naps watches TV all day.Throughout 4 pregnancies 1 miscarriage bleeding heavily cooked big meals hand and foot served him my husband works i alone with him he has walked in on me and 22 year old bedrooms while changing.My husband kept a bedroom for him while we were cramped we have moved house now he wants to keep a room again he divorced his wife remarried 10 years ago another non practicing very young in Pakistan he will not work to bring over has his own home no one is allowed in only his own adult kids we sit outside my husband fixes things for him in cold for hours waiting.I have told my husband he can come all day not nights now after 26 years had enough he became very abusive violent its his house i know where the door is i have taken so much with them they have taken my kids inheritance land worth 100k my husband bought his other brother along with his mum swindled.I just wanted to belong meet this wonderful lady who gave birth to my husband served her gave her everything i had she in return was very cruel cold found it she had abandoned my husband as a child he still thinks she is a saint.i get into a bad state cannot sleep when his brother comes.Am i wrong?I m getting old now i also took in his son for over a year who was out of control.Also his sisters 9 kids lived with us on and off. Non knew hygiene lice infested all older wet beds had no washing machine cleaned them came back infested they now all turned their backs on my husband now hes old.They are all on benefits my husband is educated works tell me am i wrong?I could tell you so much i just want advice thank you. Jazakallah.

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Please tell us your question sister

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