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How do I make dua, and will Allah answer my dua?

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It is wise though not necessary to have wudu depending on your state and time.I begin with adoration and praise for allah swt through recitation of sura Fatiha from the holy quran and another sura relevant to my request for example al feel I then send darood for the prophet sas Then I ask for myself whatever I seek Then I ask for my family and all good muslims including my teacher Then I ask for anyone else I close with proclamation of shahada.

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There isn't a particular way to make duaa. Just ask Allah what u want at any time in any place. U can rise ur hands and begin with (Allahum) and ask him with the most common duaa in quran or sunnah. And for the other point we can't say that Allah would answer u coz that depends on ur intention and if u r a good wo/mam or not and ur dua and Allah knows the best 4 u. Allah may answer u and may after a period or may not. But if u think good of Allah and that he would answer u, Allah won't let u down. Allah said (ادعوني أستجب لكم‏)‏‎ and it is mustahab to face the qepla and rise high ur hands to show that u really need Allah then put it on ur face after u finish. And it is mustahab to praise Allah with his names and begin with al hamd and repeat it three times and show that ur fears and respect to Allah (ادعو ربكم تضرعا وخفية إنه لا يحب المعتدين ولا تفسدوا في الأرض بعد إصلاحها وادعوه خوفا وطمعا إن رحمت الله قريب من المحسنين‏) ‏‎

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Thank you, may Allah reward you.

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