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is music allowed in islam

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Assalam a'likum. Music is haram. As rasullallah said (ليكونن من أمتي أقوام يستحلون الحر والحرير والخمر والمعازف‏)‏‎ and he said about it (صوت أحمق فاجر‎)‎ and it is (صوت الشيطان) like ayesha the wife of rasulallah said. It is haram coz it leads to other haram things like zina and keep muslims away from quran and control the desire and emotions. And rasulallah sgid(يكون في أمتي خسف وقذف ومسخ_ قيل:‏ يارسول الله متي؟ فال:‏ إذا ظهرت القينات والمعازف واستحلت الخمر‏)‏‎ and it leads to the anger of Allah. Even it like they said it is healthy 4 us. It is like wine has also benfits but its bad effects are more than its good effects. Like Allah said( يسألونك عن الخمر والميسر قل فيهما إثم كبير ومنافع للناس وإثمهما أكبر من نفعهما‏)‏‎ here music take the hukm of wine. And rasulallah said (لم يجعل الله شفاع أمتي في ما حرم عليها‏)‏‎ wa Allah a'lam.

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yeah it does have an affect on people with all the dirty lyrics and about the relaxing part quran does the same thing and it takes your mind away from 3ibada we had this discussion earlier you should go through the questions you may listen to music like sammy yusuf but wouldnt be better to use that time listining to the quran and what about when people dance while listining to music some people really cant help it and if a women is dancing in front of you how are you supposed to control yourself from watching also in the time of jahiliya they used music in their worship they would play music then dance crazy and have weird parties then worship the idols and as muslims we dont want to be like the people of jahiliya and we dont want to use the same stuff they used to worship idols or be like unbelivers but tablas or drums are not haram because the jahiliya people didnt use them and they used to play it in front of the prophet at eid and he didnt mind and said to let them celebrate

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This is interesting. I hope you don't mind someone who is not Muslim making a comment. I love Arabic music and talk about it and listen to it with a friend who is Muslim. He said there was no music or singing allowed in mosques. He told me about Om Kolthoum who was a beloved songstress from his native Egypt, and we both enjoy Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan who was famous for Sufi Qawwali. My friend is a devout Muslim so if it is haram, why does he listen to music? There is a lot of vile music, like most rap, that no one should listen to. But how can music like Classical for example, be Satanic? Music is a joyous thing that uplifts the spirit and calms the soul. It is very therapeutic.

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as i said earlier the idol worshippers used it in their process of worship and muslims try to be as far away from idolworshippers as we can and we try to keep our mind on the rememberance of god and you cant do that while listining to music there are many things that can be relaxing that dosent waste your time or take your mind off god i find prayer relaxing and listining to reciration of quran and sitting in the mosque doing rememberance its much better use of time then sitting listining to a song over and over thats meaning becomes dull and unimprotant

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Asalamu alaykum, According to what I know, music is haram in Islam. Here is a very good link with very usefull information. I hope this helps.

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Can you help me understand WHY music is haram? It's not hurting anyone, and it in fact is beneficial to health as it relaxes the mind. Thank you.

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I am not completely sure. But until you find your answer, do not listen to music with horrible lyrics in them. That's my only advice for now.

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I was told by someone close , that music is definitely forbidden in Islam .. as it is an instrument of satan himself . It seems to me as though nothing is "clear cut" in any religion . There seems to be too many loose ends and unresolved inquiries . It's kinda scary in a sense , because so many people are involved . Although , I have a very hard time believing that so many people are imagining such things as Our Creator . . . Sorry if I've gotten off subject . But , are there any solid answers in ANY Religion ???? .. Where ?

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Do u mean a story of what songs or music can do?

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We muslims are aware that life has a very short timespan as Allah swt said a day will come when some people will say that they lived but a day or part thereof.We therefore have no sparetime in trying to spend our lives doing things that pleases Allah swt.

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Music is not one of these things

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According to what i heard from my many imams including Dr.Zakir Naik. Music is not haram once its been plyed without any instrument, But if it involves playing drums and instruments then is Haram. God knows best. Thank you

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for line answer it is haram in Islam

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There is nothing wrong or right with music.


And VAIN DEEDS is one of the characters of Satan.

Please read; Chapter 23, Verse 3 – “ Who avoid vain talk; “

Since Allah says in the Quran to avoid vain deeds and desires, it is GOOD TO AVOID THEM.

But also remember, Allah never forces anyone to follow what He says. There is no compulsion in Islam.

Please read; Chapter 2, Verse 256-- " Let there be no compulsion in Islam.... "

You have the TRUTH in front of you and it is entirely in your hands to choose what you like to do. =)


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