Assalawalekum all

i am a Muslim guy from down south India age 25 in another couple of months Im getting married i hav a whole lot of doubts about marriage and sex bec i cant ask this to any one openly i m religious and stayed away from girls

hear i go with my questions plz answer me

can a Muslim marry a working professional woman

is sex mandatory at first night

can a couple hav sex in any position they are comfortable with

can a man kiss and suck his wife nippels and vagina

can a wife kiss and suck hur husbands penis

can a couple use condom as if they want to do family planning

Wat is the duwa to read before and after having sex

can husband and wife both bath together

can they both strip off each others clothes

is it allowed to be totally naked at first night

i know my questions are bit lengthy plz answer me and guide me in a proper Islamic law bec i don't want to commit any thing unlaw full against Islamic law

khud hafiz if possible mail me my answers on

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