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some members are just enjoying here,i think we should not make fun for jsut time there are many sites for making fun or time passing.we should spread islam by its right and corect ways and rules.all we should raise voice to stop such user who are giving wrong answering or insulting other me out ,,are you friends are agree?

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i didnt blame you brother.actually i did mistake for not explaining the questions.i forgot to use the word till we didnt take bath,means beofre taking bath its halal to take food or msut do first ablution and bath..if you know the answer please let me know.jazakALLAH khair

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I deleted that post cause can't see you crying. I thought 'you were making fun of islam' and still think the same. Just look at the question you asked. Why did you think I was insulting you when you yourself didn't know the answer? I still think that question was asked deliberately.

You're asking others to raise the voice when you yourself don't have the courage to say the name of that 'user'?

For those who couldn't read the my answer to his 'information' post, it was, 'dinner, potatoes with salt and pepper..

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yes it is because the holy Qur'an say it all,please try to read and understand.

they are more than a million reason why islam is true religion,but the main reason and the greatest reason is the holy qur'an.pls try to read and get the best of it tafsir and you will be free of all uncertainess in your heart

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