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Can you prove that islam is the only true religion? And can you prove that christianity and judaism are corrupted version of Islam?

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Beloved the task is for you to prove it is not the perfection of Allah and His favor upon mankind. So present why you think it is not and inshallah we will discuss it. Salaam

(Feb 11 at 16:28) yaqin ♦ yaqin's gravatar image

Quran has been preserved for 14000 till its present form now. Other scriptures of judaism and christianity have been corrupted.

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Ofcourse! If truth could not have been distinguished from falsehood, then why would Allah punish us for not accepting the truth?

If I start this answer with my limited knowledge, I am going to be keeping on writing on and on and on, and this will be only if I include the parts that come to my mind as I write!

Recite the Quran and read its translation. The biggest miracle of the Messenger (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) is the Quran. The Quran is the kalam of our Rabb. The Quan is evidence without doubt, and a healing for the diseases of the heart, like doubt.

Alhamdulillah you can also read some of the many proofs of Islam, that shows it to be truth, without any doubt whatsoever, in this article

May Allah increase you in knowledge and guidance good brother. Thank you for your question. I pray that Allah makes this answer to my benefit and helps you and others. Ameen.

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I will tell you.

In the old testament, Matthew told Jesus ( phub) : Are you the one, or do we wait for another?

Christians say they believe in the new testament, but the old one is still "the word of god", right? WRONG.

Jews think they will stay in hell for a few days. That is wrong. And...they say moses made it. If he did, it would have been writen in a way that would be first person, not second.

For example, the psalm or bible said "he had the strength of ____ men, and no one will know where his grave is".

That isn't the same, but if he wrote it, then wouldn't it be "I", not "He"?

Islam though, it is hard to give why it is real from so much examples. according to it, it doesn't give contradictions.The other religions do, yet the quran doesn't. We believe in the quran, yet we believe in other religions ONLY when it is the same with the quran. Example: Bible and quran says jesus is real.

Do not ask me. I am just a slave of allah. Go to the books of ask someone with more knowledge than me, or look online for people such as bilal phillips, Ahmed Deedat, or Zakir Naik.

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Christianity does not have even 1 verse saying " Worship me Jesus" literally, not " tickling the souls", I want it like the quran saying " Worship me", or "Say he is one"...

Jewdaism, no offense, is the bitter people in many religions as being the ignorant.

Islam though, has a good who isnt a human, doesnt sleep,eat,drink, has no partners, and forever lives. Allah!

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Islam is the one true religion. Scientist that are atheists keep in mind they are atheists say that they would rather go with Islam than Judaism Christianity etc.... Now the christians say why dont you believe in Jesus. We say we have to believe in Jesus (pbuh) before we can even believe in the Last messanger (pbuh) and then the Jews say why dont you believe in Moses and the same goes with them. We have to believe in moses (pbuh) and any other Prophets that came before Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)in order to even believe in last messenger (pbuh). The Quran has not been corrupted in anyway unlike the Bible and the Torah which believe it or not were our books, but anyway those who did change anything in those books shall have a very painful punishment. I hope that this answered your question and I hope Allah will increase your iman and faith if you are a muslim inshalla.

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please name these scientists.

yaqin, remeber when you thought i was stupidboy? lol. that was a bigger insult than cursing me. but it's all good.

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