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I am a 17 year old girl. I have 3 sisters and 2 are younger than I am. The youngest is 13. My father has had cancer for 2 years now and it has come to a point where the doctors say it's gone to last stage and he is going to die in a few weeks...

Oh Allah please listen to my prayers and give my father a miracle and long life InshaAllah! Please don't take my father away from me. We are too young and we need a father! My mother is also staying strong but I watch her cry praying to you Allah for my fathers well being and long life! :(

My father doesn't eat anything any more or even talk! He only sleeps! I can't watch this anymore my family are not as strong anymore and day by day we are breaking down!

Every night I make a dua to Allah praying for my dad's well being and long life! And for prophet Muhammed to come into his dreams and share some Noor with my father!

Please brothers and sisters! Keep my father in your prayers! Please pray for his long life! Please pray for a miracle to happen!

I only see fear in my father's eyes and he is so scared and cries a lot! Please help me please!

Allah I beg you! Please help please! Please don't take a father from his daughter! Allah PLEASE! :(

If you know any duas for my dad please let me know ASAP!

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Dear sister i will prayer for your father to become normal health.specially you should read holy quran(‏(سرتل يسن. Insha Allah!

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Mashallah thank you Mukitar! May Allah grant you success and happiness!

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salam alaykum to u sister, u can always recite lakad jakum for your dad.

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