my father got 2 marriage and from 1st wife of my father i have 2 sisters and now they are married, and from 2nd wife we are 2 brother and 4 sisters my dad give the divorce to first wife and leave also my 2 sisters with their mom, so my quistion is that is there any right of my sisters in our legacy after death of my father becoz my father past away MAY ALLAH send on him peace.please guide me JAZAKALLAH O KHAIRA.

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In the name of God!salam,Imam Khomeini:2731-If you inherit only one of the first group is dead, a parent, a son or a daughter, all property Mitt reaches Him. And if you are a boy or a girl, all property equally between them is the. And if you are a boy and a girl are property of three parts, two parts of a boy and a girl take part. And if some male and some are female, so the property that every boy wants girl twice.

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