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assalamu alaikoum brothers & sisters,

im in same situation since i wrote my last question. Im still unemployed. My family; two sons, one 3 years old and one 2 months old is suffering a lot. I keep my faith with Allah and keep on with ibadaat and duahs. Allah knows best. Its almost 2 and half months im in this situation and believe me the suffering of this hardship is very hard. May Allah opens a door for me.

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walaykum salam I sincerely pray dat Allah will provide a good job for u as soon as posssible and u can also search the internet for vacancies bt pls don't let frustration and pain take away ur faith and hope.May Allah help all of us

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Assalamu alaikoum asmau1996,

JAZAKALLAH for your duahs. May Allah always give you protection, good health for you and family and Jannatul Firdaus. May Allah also make your life easy in duniya. Being very active in social work by helping others, today im missing this a lot and many other good deeds to please Allah because now i dont have means to do it. May Allah opens a way so that i can continue to please HIM. Sincerely, you will be in my duahs.

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