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Last year I met a guy and we got along very well, we understood each other and decided after a while to get married, I was wondering if our relationship is okay if we don't do anything haram? We can't get married now cus we're still in college, but we will as soon as we get jobs and such.. Please this question is for open-minded people who are actually gonna help.

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I don't know what you mean by ''open minded people''. If the term your looking for is hypocrites that will tell you what you want to hear, the only person that will lose is you. So don't lie to your self or send your self astray, i think as human's we have all been thru things that lead us astray and it only results in us (muslims) loosing our after life and its so not worth it.

Now that we got that out of the way…. greet each other thru the family and you can know each other about basic stuff that should primarily resolve around the wedding. Other than that, the fun part of marriage in islam is to get to know your spouse. If you already know her, when you are married there is nothing left to explore. … Get the point?

And allah and his messengers know best

Salam !!

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so you have to wait until after you maryy someone to get to know them? so if you get to know them after marriage and they are a jerk, what then? especially for the female who doesn't have the right of talaq.

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That is why if you absolutely want to know them you should ask your relatives and people who know. If he is someone who prays his 5 prayers at the mosque and you have many witnesses, then you most likely found someone who is religious. And if he is religious, he will never mistreat you if he fears his lord. Otherwise, you should consider an arranged marriage (people freak out when they hear this). What I mean by arranged marriage is a family friend who you know for a long time, a guy that is religious and respectful that grew in your area and your mom and his mom are good friends.

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