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If you're planning to marry someone but currently can't, and you keep a relationship with that person until the time comes to get married, and don't do anything haram, is that okay?

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I would recommend you going thru your sister's to know more about the women you are interested in. If you have no sister's, then it could be your mother. If you mother is not present, it can be your father's sister or your mother sister or other halal mahram.

If later you decide you are interested, ask the hand of the women to her father and if he accepts, invite the entire family to celebrate. Once that is done, before the father, if the women is wearing a niqab, she will remove it for you so you may see her face, if not you can begin discussion the family being present. You learn about each other in a way that you two are not left alone.

And allah and his messenger know best


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