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AoA, Let me put this first, I am not a good Muslima, I do not always perform all my five salah's. My husband and I are at very good terms Alhamdulillah. But I know he doesn't like me pushing him for anything. He's studying these days and usually home, I spread my prayer mat somewhere close to his sight, as a reminder for him that its time to pray. But it only has been a few times that he has prayed in the last two months. What do I do? Keep continuing the way it is, or should I wait longer? We've been married for 13 months by the way and I have seen him change in so many positive ways Alhamdulillah, will he eventually start praying too?

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**My father does not pray much either. I myself do not always accomplish my pryer the way its suppose to be done. Therefor, the first thing I will do when I go visit my father in america (inshallah) is to make an appointment with the imam so we can help wash the body of a deceased brother. I know the Idea sounds petrifying, but realize that in reality: me, you, him and everyone will die. There is no escaping it.

As muslim's we are favoured amongst the entire worlds of people, must we not thank allah for this opportunity in janah? I say this to my self first sister: we must remember death as it is always near and will not forget us. So make an appointment for you husband, speak to him with the respect a women should have for her husband (the way allah commanded you) and let him taste the washing of one of his brother, and remind him that he would be washed the same way. I swear by god that if we loose our afterlife sister, we have lost EVERYTHING. This is VERY serious and your husbands life depends on it, and i'm talking about this temporary life. Be the righteous women allah commanded you to be and call your husband upon the path of Allah.

And allah and his messenger (pbuh) know best. Wa salamu alaiykum warahmatullah**

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Tell him "I want to meet my husband in paradise, so pray with me".

Narrated Ibn `Abbas:

A man came to the Prophet (ﷺ) and said, "O Allah's Messenger (ﷺ)! I have enlisted in the army for such-andsuch Ghazwa, and my wife is leaving for Hajj." Allah's Messenger (ﷺ) said, "Go back and perform Hajj with your wife."

Do you get the point sister? Jihaad has several forms: striving for knowledge, right cause etc. So he should pray with you as that is certainly more righteous.

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He's gonna get hammered at the end.

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