Asalam o alikum i belong to ahl e sunnat barelvi imam ala hazrat.

I have a question and need guidance. When i did job i have a friend and her halaat were not good that time . I always try to help her financially. Later on i left job and my friend started working in a micro finance bank as assistant manager Internal Audit. I told her working in bank is not halal but she is afraid of giving interview and being rejected said once i gain knowledge and confidence here i will definitely leave this place. I asked imam sb of mosque near my home he said she should find another job side by side cause working in bank is not halal. she said she will but after some time.

Now what i want to ask i am in somewhat financial crisis . My father doesn't have enough income to support me. Can i take money from my friend keeping this in my mind that what i spend on her when she needed i am taking it back. Although at time when i spent i didn't have this intention. Problem is i can not take money from anyone else i don't feel comfortable except taking from my friend.

Pls guide me asap that whether my intention now to take money from her as return what i spend on her before is right or not? is it sinful. ? ALso my friend not applying anywhere pls send me a dua i can recite so that ALLAH may mercy upon her more

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