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For example I let in my boy friend (we plan on getting married) in my house when my parents were away? I felt very bad and felt even worse because I let him kiss me and hug me. Do I need to ask forgiveness from my dad that I let in someone in his house without his permission in order for allah to forgive me for kissing and hugging my boyfriend? Same case when he let me in his house. Do I need to ask forgiveness from his parents that I came into their house without their permission for god forgive me kissing/hugging him in their house when they were not there?

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Please drop these infatuations. This will lead to fornication eventually sooner or later.

Repent Allah and there is only husband-wife relationship in his sight. If you love him marry him, but please avoid this kind of relationship. In fact this zina is over murder in Quran.

You Dad doesn't need to know, but Allah knows, so let Him know.

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