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Assalammualaikum, recently scientist have discovered that women are capable of experiencing an orgasm or sexual pleasures during core exercises such as sit ups and planks. Is this form of orgasm similar to intercourse and masturbation? Is it obligatory to perform gusl after such activity though the feeling is uncontrollable? I'm very active at exercising and do alot of abdominal workouts and I find that the induced orgasms is at times very hard to control. I've been searching for answers and yet to come across any discussions concerning this issue.

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In the name of Allah! salam.Supreme Leader Khamenei.Q 171: The autoerotism women how Jnabt's gusl becomes obligatory on them? And when moisture enters Mlabh(Foreplay) and joking with their spouse, has not the ruling? And loosening the body without reaching orgasm, it is obligatory to gusl? In general, women with no close Jnabt(orgasm) How will be realized? A: If a woman reaches orgasm and then she gets out of the liquid had been realized orgasm gusl becomes obligatory upon him, and the suspect or suspects who are not reached this stage in the outflow to be gusl not obligatory.

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