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I am a 21 year girl, living in a modern society. I was born from a Christian father and a non-practicing Muslim mother. My father is now dead and I have been raised as a Muslim, but with no real guidance or religious influence around me besides my friends and the internet.

For a long time I thought I was not really a Muslim as my dad had not converted to the religion and everyone told me, a child takes after his or her father's religion. I asked my mother, and she claims it was decided that myself and my siblings would be born into the Islamic faith.

Heading into adult hood, I am still quite confused and lost within my religion. I feel embarrassed and scared that I have no one to ask about religion or advice on become more actively involved in my religion. I would like to learn to make salaah correctly and somehow change my lifestyle according to Islamic rules, which I have been sucked into.

According to islam I have also committed great sin. I drink, have had pre-marital sex and currently in a 3 year relationship with a Muslim man who I intend to marry, however, he has not had much guidance in religion either. We both have also been sexually active with people before our relationship currently. it is difficult between us as I have been taught much of the mannerisms of a westernized woman with regards to the role of a woman and the amount of freedom I have in my society. As a couple who intend on marrying, how do we go about reconstructing our relationship. I know we are not ready to get married, but how do we stay together without it being regarded as a sin?

I am so scared that my own children will end up like me if I don't try to move my life in a better direction, where I can feel at peace and not scared that I will end up burning alone in hell. How do I begin to move towards a closer relationship with god and build a religious foundation for my partner and I's future?

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As Salamu Alaykum sister! Get married and be a good muslim!

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In the name of Allah! salam ,Dear sister:It's not full of modern technology is all around you. Humans must believe there is a strong culture., And to respect the rights of others, not violate the rights of others. To help the poor. And seek knowledge. And do it all for the sake of Allah. The modern Islam because it all wants from us. But the relationship:According to Islam, man and woman are two creatures that are complementary to each other have been created , the Holy Quran says, sign of power He created for you spouses of your own kind , to find , and the peace of friendship and the love of his institutions ... " [Quran:30-21 ]

One of the needs of men and women have sexual needs , but these needs should be met within the framework of Islamic rules , the essence of purity and chastity, the parties may not enter into any flaw .

To meet the needs of Muslim women and men within marriage has been defined and discussed any sexual relationship whether romantic , touching and stroking and ... Should the temporary marriage ( temporary ) or permanent.

Therefore , it is necessary for you to do that in the past have done before God, repent ye, and where the Lord is Forgiving, Merciful _ because you're doing the ignorance of _ If you truly repent , God willing, your sins are if you'd like to give each other , the first coming together in marriage and then be linked together .Please refer to this site for answers to questions:

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