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I understand the fact that bowing or kneeling to anyone other than Allah is haram. But the problem is that i am being threatened to get disowned by my dad for not bowing or kneeling. Should i comply with his wishes or what?

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Salaam beloved muslims, we must bear in mind what has been reported by Umar Ibn Khattab that the Rasul saws said: " Everything is by intentions and everyone will get what he intended." Now with that said, what is customs or culture has no foothold in islam for if one bows with the intention of ibadah than this is shirk for all acts of worship is to be signaled out for Allah and Allah alone. In the Quran in sura 2:34, Allah azza wal jall ordered the angels to prostrate to our father Adam AS, and this was not an act of worship it was an act of respect and honor given to Adam from Allah. Now for the brother that asked the question if your father is telling you to bow to him as if he is your Rab, than you must disobey him, however if it is an act of honor and respect than be good and dutiful to your parents and obey him for this is the command of Allah azza wal jall. Salaam

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Beloved I pray you find peace with the answer. Salaam

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As salamu alaykum! I think more details would be appropriate to answer your question. In some cultures, bowing is a sign of respect. It has nothing to do with ibadah.

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i disagree to the above remark..

Islam Ibadah is higher/greater than any culture.

If a culture accepts prostitution will that be ok? no ...Never..

You should not bow to anyone other than Alla swth...

if you bow its a shirk,, you are by means of like accepting he is equal to Allah...

Never commit that mistake..

for Muslims Islam is the only culture.

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Narrated Aisha: Abu Bakr came to my house while two small Ansari girls were singing beside me the stories of the Ansar concerning the Day of Buath. And they were not singers. Abu Bakr said protestingly, "Musical instruments of Satan in the house of Allah's Apostle !" It happened on the 'Id day and Allah's Apostle said, "O Abu Bakr! There is an 'Id for every nation and this is our 'Id."  Sahih Al Bukhari Book of the two Festivals ahadith number 72.

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When I said "bow", for some, it is used as a greeting. It is used to greet certain people of Asian cultures. In Islam, bowing in worship to another while it is known that Allah swt is the most High, would be considered shrik. Do you understand what I'm getting at brother?

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Sallamualaikun waramotulai wabarakatuhu,I totally disagree with the above remark,am from nigeria and am a yoruba woman to b precise and if we want to greet our parents or elders, girl will kneel down with their two kneels while boys prostrate.God said we shld respect our you mean if i want to greet my parents i shld just stand and greet them,is that not rudeness? Will they b happy with me?wat will my parents and other elders thinks of me.Allahu(swth) sees our breast he knowns wat we conceal.he nose we neva took our parents and elders above him but we are just respecting them as he has commanded us to.children's heaven lies in the feet of ones parents(dats to show how Allah(swth)ranked our parents)we are not perfect or all wise,Allah is the all-knower and all-wise.may Allah(swth)guide us to the right path and may he forgive us if we have wronged in any way about this post(amina).ma sallam

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As salamu alayum sister. Your customs are different! I live in america. A hug and a kiss would enough for my parents!

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I understand ur point,u based in america while i based in nigeria(some ethnic groups in my country does not postrate or kneel to greet their elders so it varies)since we are not performing sujud to them,respecting our parents in our cultural way doesnt make us shirk.Allah sees our heart and no wat we conceal.may allah guide us in d wright path and forgive us our sins if we have wronged in any way.sallam

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Anas narrated from the Apostle (ﷺ) about the major sins. He (the Holy Prophet) observed: Associating anyone with Allah, disobedience to parents, killing a person and false utterance.

You case is of disobedience, but you can do so to show respect. But prostration is only for Allah; never do that for anyone except Him.

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