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will Allah make me fail if I don't put hijab? I am graduating from highschool in 1 month and I still don't wear the hijab, I plan in challah to wear it after highschool, I know I'm wrong put I just don't feel ready yet. I pray everything on time and I always read Quran and I read athkar,, I have worked very hard this year to get a good mark at the end of the year, my problem is that I'm scared if I make Allah mad and he will make me fail and I won't get a good mark. what do you guys think? Allah will not make all my hard work go to waste and plus I always since the be giving of the year I have been making dual to get a good mark.

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Ha Ha Ha you are more worried about a stupid high school exam mark when you are already failing in Eternal exam...

First be a Muslim then you may think about worldy affairs(high school exam)

Whats the use in praying when you are not wearing Hijab..

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Salaam here at Q&A we answer questions with ayats or authenticated sunnah. Her being disobedient in one doesn't at all her salah. Allahu 3alim. Sister i will make du3aa fur you that your will not fear people and do as Allah had asked of you. Wearing the hijab is a precious blessing and should be honored.

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Hijab is a must.

I must tell you christian nuns are better in dress codes at least.

They wear hijab but for us all Muslim woman are as pious as these nuns and so thus should wear hijab.

Don't you want paradise? It doesn't come that easily I am afraid, and depends as Allah will.

I as a Muslim stopped wearing trousers, t shirt etc (as against shariah) because I want a better life in hereafter, very simple. I would sacrifice this world for the greater world, if Allah wills.

I pray to Allah to guide us, and first and foremost give us knowledge of our own deen.

One of the signs of Qiyamah:

_Women will be naked in spite of wearing dresses. _People will sell religion for the world. _Good people, when they try to practice, will be cut off from the world. (

How right is our Prophet Muhummad (pbuh)?

You know my mom was ashamed of me memorizing Qur'an? But I proved I could: work, study and still memorize for I want to stay away from hellfire. Once I read regarding hellfire in related Ahadith and Quranic references, I was afraid, then I started memorizing again but proved all three could be done with Allah's help, and He is so wise and exalted. Allah helps you when you sacrifice your time for Him: how bountiful is He?

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