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Alsalam 3alykom w rahmat allah. I am a freshman in university, I am a foreigner student. It is already hard for me to deal with people. I barely talk to anyone, no one accepts me. It is fine for me. My problem is that since people don't know me, they are starting to talk about me and make rumors, and what they say is not even true. I am a good student, I always get good grades. But I heared that a rumor was started that I am cheating fromthe girl who is sitting in front of me. Let me just say that I never cheat and what they are saying is not true, which really upsets me. I think they are saying so because that girl started acting as if I am cheating from her because I am an arab and she is American. And now since that people don't know me they are assuming that this is true! It is already hard for me to study abroad, and now I am having these rumors and bullying, I hear them laughing at me. I try to pretend as if I don't know what they are talking about. I pray for God and make duaa that God helps me and make this evilness get away from me. I needed to ask because I want some advice, I can't fully concentrate while I am studying, I just don't want to think about it. Help me please! Thanks to anyone who responds May God bless you!

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I can understand your feelings as I myself have faced a similar kind of situation.

This is a test and God himself is testing you.

Exam is difficult but Imaan will make it easy..

Hang around with Islamic guys...when they laugh at you smile at them and while smiling just be happy on thinking how much bad deeds of yours are going to be minused by being loaded on them and the count of your good deeds increase drastically without your single effort...

Do a secret Dua to Allah whenever they make fun of you.

who are they to judge you?

hold a smile on your face and just think "SO WHAT?"

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