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I had a relationship with a guy (may God forgive me) and it's been going on for many months, until recently I started feeling guilty, every time I look at my mother's face, I feel ashamed of myself, I couldn't take it anymore, and I felt in my heart that it was wrong because bad things kept happening and I drifted further away from Allah and I couldn't focus on my studies anymore. So I ended it today, I told the guy that I can't do haram anymore and that I feel like I'm betraying my mother.. It was hard but I asked Allah for forgiveness and listened to Qura'an and my heart felt at peace after so many days of struggling with guilt and fear. i still look back and feel pain and sorrow, but I know what I did is the right thing, I feel clean now. And if that guy really wants me for Allah, he'll wait until we're old enough and do it the halal way. What I'm wondering now is whether I should tell my mother or not, I know she'll be hurt and shocked, but I want to ask for her forgiveness too.. What is the right thing to do?

Its good you ended it but still its better if you inform your mother unless she is not strong enough to hold the truth.. you should be mentally prepared for the consequences

May Allah forgive you!

anyone who wants you for Allah will not engage in pre-marital affair.

More than this inform your would be before he accepts to marry you...

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