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Is it haram for a man or a boy to wear a wrist band on his hand

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Well it's Ok to wear a watch isn't it? But I wouldn't advise you to wear a pink ribbon on your hand or something. It's not a big huge topic to worry about, as long as it does not look too feminine.

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I think it is not haram but it is makruah. It looks like barclet or women accessories. And rasulallah cursed men who wanted to be like women. I don't say that wrist band is haram or the one who wear it wants to look like women. But it is makruh. And some people wear it to give them good luck and this is haram. And men don't need it at all. To stay out of doubt, don't wear it even u think that it doesn't make luck. Wa Allah a'lam.

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Wearing wrist bands is shirk, trust me an imam told me this when I wore a wrist band that supported " end poverty" he told me you can donate money to end poverty in other countries or be involved in an organization that helps raise funds to end property, but putting something on your wrist or wearing something that even though is kind of humble like wanting to end poverty, by wearing a wrist band it's like your always focused on a third party, instead of being focused on god, you must first be a Muslim , and worship Allah, then read the Quran, then live a life as being a humble Muslim in everyday life but please my brothers and sisters don't commit shirk for allah does not accept your prayers or your pleas for mercy nor help, ask yourself is it worth wearing a wrist band that supports , an organization, group, movie, person, thing, etc., I don't believe one would put himself or herself in this position if you knew it was shirk and you prayed in vain for mercy, forgiveness , help and waited endlessly in vain please I hope this reaches you and I hope you understand why it's bad to wear a wristband, I took mine off today 08/24/12 and I will never put on on ever again....

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