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If somebody who got married both in a masjid and in a seculare system wants to get a divorce is it halal just to get the divorce from the masjid.

Because today muslims are often married through two systems and only get a divorce in one of the systems and then keeps being married.

This is often due to recidency papers and so on.

But if the woman remarries another muslim after she is legally divorced in a masjid but not in the seculare system if she gets children they will be registered as children of the first husband if you live in Europe (Scandinavia) because it is the marriage you have registered in the seculare system thats counts.

And is it not lying to say that you are divorced from one person but actually you are not?

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This is why we would be better off in our countries, but looking at what is going on EVERYWHERE … we need to hang on to the rope of allah.

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