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I strongly believe in God and I always say alhamdulellah. Lately God gave me a lot of blessings in my life, but he gave me misfortune as well. Alhamdulellah, I know I have much blessings, I just wanna know what should I do or think about these misfortunes ? Is there is a duaa that I can say, so God can take away the bad things? Thank you! God bless you!

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In a exam, can the teacher take some questions off because they seem to hard for you? No. This life is a test and jannah is not free. Expect greater test then what you are going thru right now, because it might be nothing to what will happen to you tomorrow… maybe you will be hit by a car (god forbid) and will loose both legs? It happens.

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@doaa dodo,beloved brother, al hamdulilahee that you accept the blessings but let me remind you for reminding profits the believers. It is reported by Abu Huraiah that the Radul saws said" The affairs of the believers is ALWAYS GOOD, when a blessing comes to him he say al hamdulilah and when a misfortune comes he says the same." We as muslims must learn to accept the qadr of Allah for in misfortune their are countless blessings for those of us that patiently perserve any hardship while on the path seeking to please Allah. Allow me to give an example: In a hadith Qudsi the Rasul saws said that Allah said," Early one morning a believer left his dwelling with the intention to go to the masjid to offer fajr, as he made it a little ways from his dwelling he fell into a pile of dung. The believer rose from the ground and said subanallah al hamdulilah and returned back to his dwelling offered ghusl changed his clothes and leftout his dwellings with the same intentions. This time he made it halfway to the masjid and he fell into a pile of dung, the believer rose from the ground and repeated the samething he said the first time and returned home and did the samething than left his dwelling with the same intention. This time he made it almost to the masjid when he fell hard into a huge pile of dung, the beliver rose from the ground and repeated what he said the previous two times and returned to his dwelling and repeated the same ritual as before than left his dwelling with the same intent, this time he made it to the masjid like he was riding on the wings of angels. When the believer walked in the Rasul asked why was he late for the prayer? The believer informed the Rasul what happened to him and Allah revealed to His Rasul saws what the believer didnt know. The Rasul said to him," The first time you leftout your home the shaytan tripped you and that is why you fell, but when you rose and gave Allah the praise than went and performed ghusl and leftout with the same intention Allah forgave your sins and garunteed you paradise. The shaytan was angry at this so the next time he shoved you and you fell. But when you rose and did the samething and returned on the path with the same intent Allah forgave your household their sins and garunteed them paradise. At this the shaytan was furious so when you leftout again he slammed you hard into a big pile of dung. But when you rose and said and did the same as you did before Allah forgave your entire family their sins and garunteed them paradise. So when you leftout the last time the shaytan made sure nothing else befell you out of fear what Allah would grant you next." Beloved I ask that you tell me what you get from this hadith I will humbly await your reply. Salaam

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