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Asaalam Alekum I have 3 half sister and one half brother who are out of deen .I try and help them when they need help from me .Our dad lost his job before he passed away my step mum is not employed .We have all been though a lot of hardship .I my self started working at the age of 16 but my sibling took the easy way My half sister two of them ,sleep with men for money and the other is married to a Muslim man who practices witch craft .I really feel bad for them but I can't help them much financial as what I get is barely enough for me . At the moment one of them is staying with me as I am trying to make her documents for her but she still goes out at night .I was thinking to take it slow 1st I show her love by doing good for her and later I can advise her to stop what she is doing .I don't know if it is the correct way or my keeping her in my house ,my salat will not be accepted

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Salaam beloved brother, let me begin by begging Allah to reward you for your efforts. Beloved what you must bear in mind is two things the first being the Qada this beloved is when Allah says to a thing Be and it is. In this matter we have no choice. Now the next thing is the Qadr this beloved is what is described as preordainment and in this we have a choice and though Allah knows our choice before we make them does not mean that Allah interferes with our choice for Allah has said in numerous ayats that man wrongs himself and beloved this is by choice. The shaytan only has the power of suggestion the choice to hear and obey or hear and disobey is our choice. Beloved, He whom A llah guides none can misguide him and he whom Allah allows to be misguided none can guide him. The jist of this statement is those that Allah guides has made the choice to seek the help of Allah and by doing so they strughle to adhere to the best example which is the sunnah of Allah's apostle. The latter has made the chice to adhere to the whisper of their open enemy. Brother all you can do is make dua and let your example and reminders be upon what has been perfected by Allah as a mercy for mankind. Salasm

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In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful!saalam Alekum.Dear brother rescued a human morass of sin, as in the work of the prophets. So try to save him. Sins blessing to take home. Tell him the consequences of sin. You know him better, and the way he recounted hadiths for now...Holy Prophet (sawa & HP) said Zina has six works in the world and three in the next three Worldly effects: it brings disgrace, reduces aliment, death and destruction is near. Next world effects: Wrath of God, hard Account entry in eternal fire and require it to stay on...The Messenger of Allah (sawa & HP) said: And because his tomb is outside of its stench will hurt people, so the stench is known and can be considered as Zina and it will work until the fire to his Zynhar are properly determine and about which Allah hath forbidden the meeting said, so no one is more zealous of God and the honor of the red-light ELAHIYEH has forbidden...

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walekum salaam , Jazak Allah Kher for taking the time to answer my question but I really did not understand your answer .is it possible to expound on what you have written as I feel it has a lot of meaning

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