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Can some one perform ablution as in to wash the hand once the face once and so on all once.

What i mean is that may be if there is no water or may be the imam as already started the prayer and you want to met up so can you wash the whole body one-one. As in to wash the palm one the mouth one the nostri one the face one the arm one and so on. I you guys will understand now

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Allah says, [O you who have believed, when you rise to [perform] prayer, wash your faces and your forearms to the elbows and wipe over your heads and wash your feet to the ankles] [5 v6]

The ruling here Allah says, wash only to mean wash once just as you would have a bath once and you do not have bath more then once, therefore, all the scholars agreed upon the obligation is that when performing wudu to wash once is the obligatory and that to wash three times is the Sunnah.

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if there is no water in the masjid or in the house then you can make wudu with soil like you can rub soil or dust in yur right hand first then left and so on.... but dont gusul with that prophet mohammad (s.a.w.)pbuh did during the battle. namaz comes first before everything friend so what task came that you want to hurrily do wudu?? and still i would say no to do wudu one-one.and if imam has started the prayers then it is ur mistake friend that you dint got up at the time of adhaan as imam recalls for prayer 10 min before so that every one does wudu and make their way to masjid. jazakallah wa khairan.

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No, it should be one by one. According to Shafai: it must be one by one and this is rukn in ablution. And if u do all organs once, u has the hukm of washing ur face only as washing face is the first rukn of ablution. And in the ayah6 in sorat al maaeda Allah mentioned the Arkan of ablution in order. And in this ayah Allah mentioned‏ ‏survey between three washes and didn't say it last. And that prove that ablution must be in order one by one. Wa Allah a'lam

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he didnt mean to do it in a random order he means if you can do it once or if it has to be many times

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no you have to do ablution properly having done each thing 3 times first washing your right hand three times then left three times and then proceed on. but believe me heights of being LAZY friend.

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if there is no water then you can take some clean earth and rub your faces and hands with it (surah an nisa volume 4:[43]) the imam already preaches adhaan 10 min before so that you get ready with your ablution done. namaz comes before everything so what was more important than that that you want to do it one-one brother. its not at all acceptable you should properly do your wudu before namaz.

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