Asalam Aleikum, I hv bn praying for some years back now 2 get married 2 a muslim guy but unfortunately christian usually come 2 me. I met a muslim guy in 2012 and later married another lady bcs I cant give what he want. I am an orphan the last born of my mother, my brother had an accident last year septemer and we took him 2 where they treated him locally. The woman discussed wt my brother that she wants me to marry his son without my consent my brother exchaged my number wt them, later my uncle inform me abt this and I told him immediately dt I was nt intrested bcs dis people are from christian background and also harbalist but he warned me not to reject. My brother had inform other member of the family even without saying a word to me. The guy visited us last month and that was d first time of seeing him in my family. He drinks,smoke etc he even said he was a tugg b4 but now he has changed. But I am a Muslim, graduate, I cant marry him, I dont go out at night nor drink. I belief we are not compatible but my people did not agree wt me. How I wish my parents were alive! He called me 2 weeks back dt they are coming on or before April for small introduction. Pls I need prayer bcs I dont kw wt do. I hv bn fasting and praying bcs of this issue. Pls. If there is any prayer you can give me I wldnt mind. Warmest sallam

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wa alaikum el salaam(and upon you is the salaam)!

you should pray salaht al-Istikhara= asking Allah to choose/select for us the good, and if it is in doing or in undoing something (for a specific matter). it is to pray two rakaa and after finishing you read the following du'aa;

"Allahumma enni astakhi-rouka b3elmika, wa astakde-rouka b-kodratika, wa assalouka min fadlika el 3azim. Fa-innaka takderou wala akderou, wa ta3lamou wala a3lamou, wa anta 3allaam-ul ghoyoub. Allahumma en konta ta3lam haza al-amr (mention the matter) khayron li fi deeni wa ma3ashi wa 3akebatou amri, fakderhou li wa yasserhou li, suma barik li fih. Wa en konta ta3lam an haza al-amr (mention the matter) sharron li fi deeni wa ma3ashi wa 3akebatou amri, fassref-hou 3anni wassref-ni 3anhou, wa akder li al khayrou haysou kan, suma erdeni bih."

(translation) "O Allah, I am asking you the good choice/selection by Your knowledge, and I am asking Your ability by Your Ability(power), and I ask you from Your great bounty(favors). Indeed, You can and I can not, and You know and I do not know, and You are the Knower of the Unseen.

O Allah if You know that this matter(and mention the matter) is good for me in my religion, my life and the consequence/circumstances of my matter, then decree it for me and ease it for me and then bless to me in it.

And if You know that this matter (and mention the matter) is bad for me in my religion, my life and the consequence/circumstances of my matter, then depart(avoid) it from me and depart(avoid) me from it, and decree for me the good wherever it was, and then please(agree) me with it."

May Allah decree for you the good wherever it was and pleases you with it.. and salaam alaikum!

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