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Al Salamu Alaikum.

I'm a 16 year old writer. I don't write love stories usually, but I want to know if writing them is haram in Islam? I don't include inappropriate things in them.

I have this one idea, about a woman who loses her husband and writes letters adressed to him to relieve her grieve over her loss. I want to know if that's haram, writing about a relationship, even if it's marriage which is halal?

Also, I would love to know what are the things I can not write about. The haram things, in other words. That would be very helpful.

Thank you. Jazakum Allah Khairan.

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If it promotes husband and wife relationship, it shouldn't be a problem.

According to me, any other haram relationships should, not be mentioned e.g. romance of gf and bf, love triangles, guy chasing girls e.t.c.

I used to read these romance novels but I gave up when I came to Allah, as He has decreed what is best wife for me.

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