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Assalamalaikum, I heard some scholars say it is ok because you are not worshiping them, so dolls are ok to play with for kids, but I heard one scholar saying it is better to avoid dolls that look and act like humans. That's why boys and girls dolls are not reviewed by me being afraid of Allah.

But how about Thomas trains look like trains but they talk and have human like face.

Now how are angry birds, transformers robots that can turn from cars to robots. Would anyone tell me how it is to show review them for living. It is a very important question for me. So I am worrying about Angry birds. Transformers, Lego, Disney Cars and Thomas trains.How are they to review? Please answer if you know very well. Thank you very much.

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It depends on how it influences the child. For example, a child used to watch a superman show in India. He became so impressed, he jumped from the building in hope that superman would come save him. And he died.

Let us observe this in a hadeeth so you know:

Narrated Ar-Rubi' bint Mu'awadh: "The Prophet sent a messenger to the village of the Ansar in the morning of the day of 'Ashura' (10th of Muharram) to announce: 'Whoever has eaten something should not eat but complete the fast, and whoever is observing the fast should complete it.' "She further said, "Since then we used to fast on that day regularly and also make our boys fast. We used to make toys of wool for the boys and if anyone of them cried for, he was given those toys till it was the time of the breaking of the fast." (Book #31, Hadith #181)

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