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Salaam everybody

My brother recently got married to his non Muslim fiancee without her converting to Islam. This was done under civil marriage. Obviously, me and my family were unhappy with this and I know this is haraam. My brother is not a practicing Muslim and despite telling him of all the consequences he might face, he still went ahead with the marriage. My question is, how serious is this sin?

My family and I are deciding whether or not to attend his wedding dinner in 3 months time. My brother has not been close to us for the past few years as he has been staying with the girl's family house. You could say the relationship between my brother and us is somewhat strained for the past many years. The thing is if we attend, would it be seen as us supporting something that is haraam? Every day, I pray to Allah that he will be guided back to the right path.

Need your thoughts,thanks.


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The question here is:

was she a virgin as she marrried....

If yes, that is correct and it is Halal.

If not, it is haram.

But one of the worst sin in islam is : not pray to allah

If your brother doesn´t pray

he is definitely NOT muslim!

what can you make?

first of all you must

  • have a better relationship with him

and after that

  • discuss with him about the sense of Islam.
  • give him the Quran and talk about it.
  • talk about the miracles of Islam.
  • talk about yourself : what do you feel, when you pray to allah.

you mustn´t give. So pray to allah. he will help you.

But you must know, that just allah can make him a muslim again. so don´t force him to pray.

Hope I answer your question.

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Thank you for your reply. I should take it one step at a time and not to further strain the relationship with my brother. I will keep praying for him. But the more I hear him do haraam things like drinking alcohol, consuming non halal food etc..I get even more disappointed. Thing is my family is deciding whether or not to attend his wedding dinner, since his marriage is not done under Sharia law and it would be seen as supporting his haraam actions, in my opinion...what do you think?

(Feb 22 at 08:34) faizal82 faizal82's gravatar image

u cant compromise ur relationship wiz Allah Azzawajjal and attend to places where there will b haraam things like alcohol and non halaal foods and also free mixing of both sexes.we will all b answerable to Allah and Allah knows best.

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Salaam, To my knowledge it isn't haram for a man to marry a non-muslim, but I believe it is for a Muslim woman to marry a non-muslim. Hope this helps!

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