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I am soon to be married but there are few questions in my mind regarding sex.

1) Is it lawful(Halal) to saw your wife naked? And by naked I also consider genetial parts. And is it fine to let her see my private part?

2) During sexual intercourse when a man is about to ejaculate,is it okay if he ejaculate his semen on her body? Or should he ejaculate inside women vagina? Because it seem absurd for men to go to washroom to ejaculate...

Please answer me ASAP

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After you're married of course you can see your wife naked and she can see you, including genitals. And you can ejaculate wherever you want on her or even in her vagina, but make sure she's consenting. It seems like you have no idea what you're doing so I strongly recommend you talk to someone in real life, your father or married friends so that you avoid a disaster. They'll give you tips on how to treat a woman. And as for the comment about going to the washroom, it seems like you might watch pornography, in which case I would advise you NOT to do whatever you've seen porn stars doing. Porn is haraam.

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