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I don't really have a question. I just wanna tell someone about something that I have experienced and got me really depressed. I am studying at a western country, so I am a foreigner, and people are treating me really badly, I just can't imagine that this is really happening to me. It is hard to believe, I have thought about suicide a lot before, but I know that this is just not right. The bullying just keeps getting worse and worse and I feel like I can't do anything to stop it. Let's start, first I had a situation when I was going out of the restroom in the university and there is a place where you can drink water just in front of the restroom, when I went out a guy was about to drink water, and it is not a wide row so he told me " you can go ahead". He was just waiting for me to walk first and then he would go. I don't wanna make it a very long story, let's just say that two jews professors tried to make it as if we were gonna do it in the restroom! !!!!!!!! I didn't even realize that, but later I found a woman literally spying on me when I went to the restroom again after class. I just can't believe this! I am a good Muslim! How could they ever be so racist like that! I make duaa everyday for god to keep away the evil people away from me. Jewish are so racist. Because I didn't do anything wrong, I believe that they were acting like that because I am a Muslim. There are even worst stories but I don't to bother you.

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Salaam Go to the community site and private message me , I am a sister and would love to help insha allah or even just be your friend ! salaam

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