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can a mahram stand next to you or behind you? whenever i pray my grandfather sees me and prays too even thought i begin first he prays behind me but im not leading him and i cant tell him to go ahead of me since i have already begun praying also he dosent go in front of me because he is on a chair he is sort of far about 8 feet away but still prays behind me so is it allowed for him to pray behind me? if not who is the one doing somthing wrong me or him?

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I think it is ok as u don't lead him. But to stay out of doubt, u can step back ward one or two steps and it wouldn't affect ur salat. Wa allah a'lam

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Why don't you just pray at the far end of the room against a wall? Then he will have no choice but to pray in front of you.

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You can tell him in a nice way that he should not pray behind you or follow you as obviously you are a girl and you can change the position in the room for example take a rear corner if no one else depend on you to lead

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we just pray at the same time I dont lead him

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All i know is that a girl does not lead a man or a boy in prayer. And whenever she is praying in front of a male she must do it silent. And whenever he join you in prayer you will make a movement or after the prayer you will tell him that a girl does not lead a male in prayer and if he continue you will stop the prayer and tell him again and again.

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i dont lead him he just prays behind me

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Sister your situation is that it is according to your intentions before you started the Salah and that you were a lone by yourself when you entered the Salah, therefore, your Salah is accept Insha'Allah, but however if you know that he will pray behind you after you enter Salah then this can in danger your Salah, therefore, what you need to do is pray else where in the house a lone and if you can wait for him to start his Salah and you pray behind him but if you can not do that then pray in your room with your door shut because this is a serous matter.

For him every Salah he prayed with you behind you all those Salah are invalid and are not accepted and this is why this issue is so serous, therefore, he needs to do all those Salah he prayed behind you again and also needs to repent. Also any woman who intentionally leads prayer with a man behind her Salah is invalid and will not be accepted as well as the man.

But if he was not in the same Salah as you and that he was doing his Salah independently but just behind you then in this case his Salah is accepted and correct, also you are like his daughter therefore, would not make any difference whether you pray in the same room or not or you pray front of him or behind him it is all the same, because the ruling of forbiddennes does not apply between the two of you as you are like his daughter. Allah knows best.

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