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Salam..I am a sunni girl but I agree with the shias in doing mut'ah because our beloved nabi agreed with mut'ah in his times and he wasn't the one to change..can I do mut'ah?

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To be honest i dont think its about gettin affecded by any shias or shivas. Might just very well be the same thing that them shias and shivas got afected by? Its the nafs and it only gets deepa and deepa. And road to evil Jahhanam in comparison to Jannatul Firdaws much sweeta. May Allah enstrength our souls cuz ego trippin ova.

Thats why Allah ( Subhane We Tea'a lá )'s Beloved beyond words said..

...Now back to the great struggle for faith.-

May Allah help this is Jihadul Akber.

Wassalaam to my brotha and sista. Too stroong muhabbat admire and respect i didnt mean to preach to ya.

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walaikum assalam wa rahmatullah,

Pls don't get misguided by shia people. mut'ah is haraam. mut'ah was forbidden by our Prophet Muhammad(Peace, mercy and blessing of Allah be upon him).

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