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It is well known that Jesus was born without a father, as this is what Allah ordered?

But how is this biologically/scientifically possible? How did this exactly happen?

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This is a good talk

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This is a great talk

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@Curiosity Islam, your question is answered in the khattab of Allah which is the actual words of Allah, and I qoute, " The simlitude of Isa before Allah is that of Adam. HE created him from dust than said to him, KUN FAYA KUN , be and he was." (3:59) What must be unferstood is that within the Qada of Allah their is no choice unlike the Qadr wherein there is choice. The word Qada means decree, and Allah azza wal jall has stated in HIS book," When HE decrees a matter (qada amran), HE says to it be and it is." (2:117) Ponder this, Adam AS had no mother or father, and if you were to do an DNA test on him what would be the outcome? Who created what man calls DNA? You don't question that water at its essnce is gases who commanded that the gases come together? Does not the science you speak of state that everything was one piece which some call the big bang? Allah states two important points in the ayat I'm going to qoute," Have not those who disbelieve known that the heavens and the earth were joined together as one united piece and Allah parted them? And Allah have made from water every living thing. Will they not then believe." (21:30) Both points I am speaking about has the same thing in common with what you called a miracle of Isa, inwhich Allah has said is the same as Adam and that being the Qada (decree) of Allah, all Allah says is kun faya kun and it is. All of creation is a miracle, to use the word you used, I say it is all by the decree of Allah and none has a choice in that. Man would know nothing if Allah had not decree for him to know. There is no science that can compare to the hikmah of Allah azza wal jall. Isa was born by Allah's decree, kun faya kun. Salaam

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Beloved, understand this point inshallah it will help you, it is a fact that our father Adam AS had what man has labled as DNA correct? That Dna came to be by the decree of the creator of so called Dna. True Isa had a mother and according to what is called science inorder to make a male one needs a X and Y Chromosone. So you are asking where did Isa get his Y chromosone. The answer is simple he got it from the same source of all things that ourfather got his from and that being the creator of the chromosones. This is why him and Adam are similar not the same what makes them similar is the fact that neither had a Y chromosone donar. They both recieved it by the decree of Allah and for Allah this is very easy. Man today as you know can procreate without the mother or father being present and make a male or female by using the chromosones. What man can't do is create one. Isa Y chromosone was created by Allah the same as our father Adam. Now to answer your questios: the word qada means decree and as I have stated before we have no choice in that. Now qadr is what some calls predestination or pre determined. Islamically implied it means set measures, meaning everything in creation has a set measure inwhich it can not pass . The quran states:" And there is nothing but that with US are the stores thereof, and WE donot send it down except in known measures." (15:21) Also," Surely WE have created EVERYTHING according to a measure. " (54:49) It is a hadith qudsi that states that Allah said,"The first thing created was the pen and Allah ordered the pen to write the pen asked its Rabb, write what?Allah replyed write everything that will happen from now until the day of judgement." Here is where pre destination comes in. Also, Allah azza wal jall means mighty and majestic is He. Salaam

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This is a miracle. If you start discussing its biological aspects you might commit shirk by calling Allah his father.

So refrain from even asking this.

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Beloved brother, whatever happens it is never by chance for chance is a word used for a purose or reason not yet percieved. The best way I can explain the qadr is this, whatever befalls you is ment to befall you and whatever passes you by is ment to do so. In the qadr we have the gift of choice just know whatever you choise you will meet the measure of your choice. Your destiny is the grave and your choices here will determine where you will spend enternity. May the mercy of Allah azza wal jall grant you paradise. Salaam

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