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Supporting Hadeeth:

Narrated 'Alqama: While I was walking with 'Abdullah he said, "We were in the company of the Prophet and he said, 'He who can afford to marry should marry, because it will help him refrain from looking at other women, and save his private parts from looking at other women, and save his private parts from committing illegal sexual relation; and he who cannot afford to marry is advised to fast, as fasting will diminish his sexual power." (Book #31, Hadith #129)

This raises a question: define affordable

I have my own opinion but what is your opinion.

Affordable means that you have the capacity to fulfil the rights of the wife, namely her mahr, the wedding celebration, her housing, food, clothing and other basic expenses. Now remember all that is upon you is the capacity to get these things, some people think that this must mean completely independently but that is wrong. Suppose for example you have a finished basement that your father lets you stay in for free, well then you are supporting your wife's housing, even though you personally are not paying for it. As long as you have the capacity to meet all the rights. But remember, if for whatever reason things go sour, then it is upon you to fulfil your wife's rights no matter what, that includes working a bad job for long hours if necessary.

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