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I need to know about your view on Loss Adjusting Business. For those who do not know who loss adjusters are let me give you a brief. Loss Adjusters or Insurance Surveyors are independent professionals or companies who assess and certify the loss amount in accordance with insurance policy coverage and its terms/conditions. These adjusters are not employee of any insurance company but having there own business under specific laws and govt. license.
The adjusters work for every or any insurance company and like contracts some assignments are assign to them by there clients (insurance Company) for hiring their services. After completion of assignment, the adjuster or insurance surveyor submit a report to insurance company , and on this report any policy holder (who suffered any loss) get paid. Insurance companies pay fees to adjusters/insurance surveyor for hiring their services. Please give your opinion jazakALLAH

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How can loss adjusting been haram, the wage is not classed as unclean money as you have earnt it through honest services provided.

If this is Haram then I'm very worried as I'm converting shortly inshaallah and I manage a commercial property team for one of the three main loss adjusters in the UK

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Brother i understand your concerns , i myself is associated with this business. Actually i am confused because some scholars defines insurance business as haram similarly like riba. Now as far as Riba is concerned many say that all the works even related to Riba business are haram. I was actually worried if this applies on insurance business so would loss adjusting business would be ok or not? regards

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